Welcome to my personal web page. You will find my CV but also details about my research and teaching activities. A list of my publications is also available on this website.


Since November 24, 2016, I am Doctor in Micro-electronics of the University of Lyon. Currently, I work as Post-Doc researcher at the Hubert Curien Laboratory at the University of Lyon in Saint-Etienne. More precisely, I am in the secure embedded systems and hardware architectures team and I am under the supervision of Dr. Lilian Bossuet.

My current position takes place in the TEEVA project ((Trusted Execution Environment eVAluation) which aims to evaluate the security of trusted execution environment. More precisely, I have to propose new attacks on complex and heterogeneous embedded systems comprising processors and reconfigurable fabric (Altera SoC and Xilinx Zynq) in which the implemented system uses the ARM Trustzone technology. This project has the following partners :

  • GEMALTO (Coordinator);
  • Université Jean Monnet, Lab. H. Curien;
  • Université Montpellier, LIRMM;
  • Ecoles des Mines de Saint-Etienne;
  • Trustonic;
  • PhoneSec.

PhD Thesis Subject

Conception of salutary hardware in order to fight against counterfeiting and theft of integrated circuits.

This PhD has been awarded a price of excellence delivered by the french fondation Université Jean-Monnet (website).

Last update : 03/02/2017